SiteView is an online environment which enables getting a quick overview of the construction site, checking the quantities stored of materials, and comparing the design to reality.

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SiteView allows:

  1. Displaying different types of data in one environment (for example: DWG, point cloud, aero survey, mesh model, XML model surfaces)
  2. Making control measurements, measuring different distances, comparing the actual situation with the design, and calculate volumes
  3. Tracking the progress of the project and having an overview of everything taking place on the construction site on different devices simultaneously, on several sites at the same time.

In what cases is the service needed?

SiteView helps to track the progress on the construction site and check the conformity of completed works with the design. SiteView is a simple and fast tool for checking volumes for heaps and pits.

Monitoring the construction process

During construction, it is important to be sure that the performed work corresponds to the design. SiteView enables checking the performed work and archiving all data and changes.


SiteView allows checking amounts of stored materials and checking the conformity of the design with reality.

Workflow in SiteView

First stage

First, the project data is entered into the online environment and the environment is customised according to the customer’s wishes.

Second stage

After that, the aerial survey will be performed. Surveys can be performed either by our drone operator or the customer’s team. Data will be processed and entered to the environment.

Third stage

Survey data can be used for different purposes. The aerial survey data can be investigated and the results compared with the design. The data can also be used in different pieces of offline software.

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