What does the future of construction look like?

How does new data and solutions help to create a construction sector corresponding to the 21st century?
The campaign has been launched by the Estonian Digital Construction Cluster, 3Di, Port of Tallinn and Nordecon.

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Reality Capture 

Reality Capture enables the quick, visual, and accurate documentation of any spatial situation. To achieve our goal in Reality Capture, we use different modern spatial data acquisition solutions – scanners, drones, and Lidars. New solutions enable to create an exact 3D copy of reality.

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With WMS, you can distribute high-resolution orthophotos and other necessary layers to various parties.

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Siteview is an online environment which enables getting a quick overview of the construction site, checking the quantities stored of materials, and comparing the design to reality.

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Koostöö mängufirmaga 

3Di koostöös Realities.io Inc. mängufirmaga pani Eesti ajaloolised objektid mängu sisse.

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About us 

3Di is a brand used by Hades Geodeesia OÜ, a company focused on construction data that meets the expectations of the twenty-first century.

Our goal is to make construction data visual and simply understandable, therefore helping to create trust in the whole value chain of construction. Trust can be built in an environment where all parties share clearly understandable and true information with each other.

Our products help to make smarter decisions, reduce the number of construction mistakes, drive innovation in the value chain of construction, and make the whole construction process more efficient and transparent. There are six products in the 3Di product portfolio: SiteView, BIM2Field, Transparent Ground, Design In Reality, Reality Capture, and WMS.

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vGIS in Construction: AR and VR Innovation

In recent years, technological advancement in the construction sector has accelerated, with digital information increasingly