About us

The mission of 3Di is to make value chain of the construction sector reliable.

About the company

3Di is a brand used by Hades Geodeesia OÜ, a company focused on construction data that meets the expectations of the twenty-first century.
Our goal is to make construction data visual and simply understandable, therefore helping to create trust in the whole value chain of construction. Trust can be built in an environment where all parties share clearly understandable and true information with each other.
Our products help to make smarter decisions, reduce the number of construction mistakes, drive innovation in the value chain of construction, and make the whole construction process more efficient and transparent.
There are six products in the 3Di product portfolio: SiteView, BIM2Field, Transparent Ground, Design In Reality, Reality Capture, and WMS.


Trust in the construction value chain

The entire construction value chain must realise that it is creating value for the common people on the street, at the office, at home. For our people to live and develop harmoniously, the living environment we create must support it – be of high quality. It is difficult to imagine that such a living environment could be created in mutual distrust and disrespect. The construction value chain is
complex and multidimensional. It comprises very different parties – customers, designers, main contractors, subcontractors, construction supervision, and many other people.
Unfortunately, we have to say that there is no trust between the parties. Parties often do not dare to disclose all of the information to each other, fearing that it may be used against them in contractual relations.
Without mutual trust, information cannot be exchanged between the parties. If the exchange of data and information is hindered, it is also difficult to digitise data processes. This, in turn, hinders development and innovation in the entire construction value chain.
Therefore, trust is of critical importance here.
3Di lays a foundation on which trust, innovation, as well as a common understanding about the value created together can be built.

New technologies, new opportunities

3Di uses the newest data acquisition technologies in its work. We are using different 3D scanners, which enable to gather data in different circumstances and for fulfilling different goals.
We have developed a capable aerial fleet consisting of various drone platforms (UAVs) carrying cameras and Lidars or payloads for various purposes.
In order to create better value for the customers with the help of the data we deliver, we have developed a web-based environment, several browser-based solutions, as well as a solution based on Augmented Reality (AR) to display data directly in the nature.
We do all of this with the desire to provide our customers with more value through better, visual, easy-to-understand, and conveniently consumable data.
These methods allow us to move from the old-fashioned 2D to the modern 3D. Three-dimensional data contains much more information than the traditional two-dimensional data. With three- dimensional data, it is possible to make models, drawings, and applications which are much more substantial, intuitive, and accurate than ever before. 3Di wants to be a pioneer in the creation and
development of new opportunities in the field of construction geodesy.

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