Transparent Ground

With the help of Transparent Ground, it is possible to view existing and future utility and communication networks directly through the ground.

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Transparent Ground enables:

  1. Visualising and showing the exact location of the utility line in the nature.
  2. Visualising the designed utility networks.
  3. Viewing, changing, adding, and updating the parameters of the utility line at the location of the utility line.

When would it be reasonable to use Transparent Ground?

Transparent Ground is useful for projects and tasks where speed, simplicity, and comprehensibility are of critical importance. Transparent Ground is useful, for example, in the management and maintenance of utility networks. Transparent Ground is necessary in the case of emergencies, where identifying the right utility line quickly and accurately is crucial. Transparent Ground helps to prevent the destruction of utility lines during excavation works and simplifies the construction of new utility lines.

 For the execution of repairing and emergency works 

It is important to act quickly and accurately in the event of accidents, renovation works, and unexpected situations. Accidents and renovation works cause great inconveniencies to the residents of the surrounding area, such as noise, detours, and water interruptions. An accurate, quick, and generally comprehensible understanding of the situation is crucial for the successful implementation
of the project.

Administration and maintenance works

To conduct maintenance and administration works, the utility networks must first be identified, which is often complicated due to snow, the landscape, or the surrounding situation. In addition, the additional information about the utility network is vital: the owner, progression, connections, etc.

Workflow of Transparent Ground


The application is merged with the existing or newly created database. Both 2D and 3D data is suitable.


Next, access is granted to the required devices and user rights are set. Then, it is possible to use Augmented Reality (AR) solution on all devices.


It is possible to make corrections to data through the application if it is identified that the data does not correspond to reality. It is also possible to add geo-referred comments, new elements, and additional data.

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