BIM2Field allows observing the BIM model of the future building without leaving the construction site, at the correct location, with the correct dimensions and data.

Küsi Lisa

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BIM2Field allows observing the BIM model of the future building in such a way that the future structure is placed in a real environment, with the correct dimensions and data. BIM2Field is a necessary tool for both the craftsman as well as for site managers. 3D models are easy to understand and help to solve complicated situations without leaving the construction site.

In what cases is the service needed?

BIM2Field is highly useful tool for projects which are more complex than average, such as projects where many different parties are involved. BIM2Field creates a base which helps to increase the efficiency of the project. All parties see the same 3D model, which is detailed and easily understandable. The number of fixing works and reworks will be decreased, which increases the profitability of the project significantly!

Centralising construction data

BIM2Field is especially useful for larger developments, where several construction companies are operating. Updating the necessary information and communicating and explaining it to all parties takes up a lot of valuable time. Centralising and visualising the information increases the efficiency of the work significantly and decreases the number of misunderstandings.

Project management, execution of supervision

Due to the parametric design, there is a lot of additional information in the building’s BIM model: manufacturers, serial numbers, planned dates of works, correct locations, etc. This information is also stored in BIM2Field. Implementing BIM2Field makes project management more efficient and transparent. When changes are made, the information is easily changeable through the application. The work of construction supervision is also simplified. Potential errors will be revealed quickly, and the information needed for checking is also just a few taps away.

Easy to understand

In general, 2D drawings are still used on construction sites. Compared to 2D, 3D is much more intuitive, comprehensible, and detailed. Due to the very nature of the parametric design, there are also fewer errors in the models. BIM2Field is a perfect addition to the BIM model of a structure!

Workflow in BIM2Field

First step

First, the 3D BIM model is needed.

Second step

The next step consists of inserting a BIM model into BIM2Field and distributing it to all parties. The model in BIM2Field can be monitored from all smart devices equipped with a camera. The camera is necessary for the functioning of the augmented reality (AR).

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