Reality Capture

Reality Capture enables the quick, visual, and accurate documentation of any spatial situation.

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To achieve our goal in Reality Capture, we use different modern spatial data acquisition solutions – scanners, drones, and Lidars. New solutions enable to create an exact 3D copy of reality. The simplicity and comprehensibility of the 3D copy is comparable with the site itself.

In what cases is the service needed?

Reality Capture enables parties engaged in construction and other fields to offer their customers more value through spatial data. It is possible to digitally restore the spatial situation that existed at any point in time. It is possible to create 2D drawings or 3D models viewable in smart devices.

Planning the urban space and living environment

Reality Capture helps to map the planned environment accurately and quickly. You can also test the future environment by entering the planned sites into the realistic environment.

Construction supervision

The role of Reality Capture during construction is capturing the real situation with 3D technology, what enables to assess the conformity of the building structures to the models later. We fix the situation and identify the differences comparing to the design.

Installation of underground utility networks

Underground utility networks must often be covered with soil or any other bulk material. At the same time, the actual built situation is often poorly documented. Reality Capture helps to capture built situation quickly and easily and check the conformity of reality with the design later. If necessary, it is possible to make corrections and get true performance data.

Workflow in Reality Capture


In cooperation with the customer, the best and most efficient way for the Reality Capture to measure and save data will be determined. During the consultation, the necessary equipment and trainings will be chosen and a further schedule will be drawn up.


The participation of geodetic surveyors is not always necessary for capturing 3D data. The object team can handle the collection and saving of data. In cooperation with your company, we train and instruct the personnel and make sure that the technical equipment is suitable. If necessary, we make changes and recommendations in the selection of equipment.

Data processing

After data gathering we process the data to the agreed form and deliver the correct files quickly and easily to the required parties.

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